Neomatica ADM700

Neomatica ADM700 is an advanced vehicle GPS tracker with CAN data support. The device features 6 analog and 2 digital inputs,  RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces, CAN bus (FMS; J1939), 1-Wire interface, 1000mAh Li-Ion battery, 2 SIM cards, voice support, 3G support (in ADM700 3G model), IP65 casing, and more.

Title Name Description Properties
Tracking period period move_int: In Motion

stop_int: At Stop
Report Message Composition protocol Configure additional blocks of the report message. can: CAN-bus data

fuel: Fuel level sensors

in_a: Analog inputs

in_d: Impulse inputs

outs: Outputs, events on inputs

odometr: Odometer values