1 July, 2020

June 2020 change log

Major flespi improvements in June 2020.

Yes, we did it for the first time, finally! We finished June with 100% uptime in both EU and RU regions. Our combined stats show that for the last six months since the beginning of 2020 the EU region uptime averaged to 99.96% mostly due to network problems in February. And we are doing our best to mitigate this drop in the remaining months and finish the whole year with a higher uptime number.

We continue to grow in all countable metrics with excellent numbers and in June we signed the biggest number of Commercial contracts in our history. We put quite a lot of effort into the constant optimization of our internal services because we want to deliver the best product possible in terms of stability and performance. And we are very happy with how smooth and stable things are.

By the way, one of the points in our long-term plans is to connect a second data center in the EU to be able to survive and provide uninterrupted service even in case of a catastrophic datacenter explosion. Initially, we tested such a setup by installing whole storage mirrors in RU datacenter that were synchronized in real-time. After some tuning, the system operates perfectly. So once we make a decision and open a new data center in Europe that will mirror the whole storage and service for our current data center, we will be able to provide uninterrupted regional redundancy for our services.

  • One of the greatest features in June is our new extension — plugins for devices. Plugins allow our user to extend messages generated by the flespi channel with their own keys and thus inject custom data into flespi message pipeline configurable per device. 
  • As a result of our COVID-19 rescue campaign Ascent Solutions implemented a special quarantine project in Singapore that saves people's lives.
  • We implemented the possibility to move devices between flespi subaccounts whenever required. This is an option for our Commercial users to structurize their flespi account once they have more and more projects.
  • MQTT Tiles application received topic construction wizards that should simplify its usage a lot. Constructed topics are automatically generated based on flespi entities available for the authorized token. This is just the beginning of changes to MQTT Tiles. We plan to adapt it to flespi entities even more and make it easily embeddable into third-party applications.
  • We integrated a new omni protocol used by various electric scooters. We are still trying to determine the product line (like this OMNI YXZ-855P) and manufacturer information for omni, because it looks like this device in this or that form is used by a range of scooters, bikes, and smart door locks nowadays.
  • We already migrated 44% of our protocols base on a new pvmII engine. This process is seamless and invisible to our users. Once we finish migrations we will be able to implement firmware upgrades over the air as we already implemented for Maxtrack devices.

Despite travel destinations being closed, we have a summer season and vacation time. We are still integrating new protocols, optimizing the platform metrics, and introducing new features but for part of our team, the primary task for July is to take a few weeks rest and prepare for the next business season that usually starts in late August.