OMNI YXZ-855P is an aluminum electric scooter for sharing. The scooter features a triple brake system (e-brake + disc brake + foot brake), 18650 mAh Li-ion battery, 8.5 inch solid tires, patented front & rear suspensions, max speed of 25 km/h (15.5 mph), 40-60 km on one charge.

Protocol: omni Manufacturer: Omni
D0 Get positioning instructions, single time
D1 Positioning tracking commands
upload_interval: Upload positioning interval
R0 Unlocking/Lock operation request command
Send R0 command (timestamp appended automatically). After device response L0 or L1 command will be sent by server automatically.
lock: Lock/Unlock
user_id: User ID
key_time: Key effective time
S1 Event notification command
event_code: Event code
S2 LED Control
enable: Enable
S4 Scooter setting instruction 2
Note: The following settings are saved after power down.
startup_mode: Startup mode setting
cruise_control: Cruise control setting
low_speed_limit: Low speed mode speed limit value
high_speed_limit: High speed mode speed limit value
inch_speed_display: Inch speed display
medium_speed_limit: Medium speed mode speed limit value
key_switch_headlight: Key switch headlight
button_switching_speed_mode: Button switching speed mode
S5 IoT device settings
Note: The following settings are saved after power down.
acc_sens: Accelerometer sensitivity
upload_s6: Status for upload scooter info (S6)
heartbeat_interval: Heartbeat upload interval
s6_upload_interval: Scooter information (S6) upload interval
S6 Obtain scooter information
Send S6 command: ask scooter for telemetry inforamtion.
S7 Scooter setting instruction 1
Note: The following setting information is not saved after power-off, and the default value is restored after restarting or unlocking.
mode: Mode setting
headlight_switch: Headlight switch
throttle_response: Throttle response
taillights_flashing: Taillights flashing
V0 Beep playback commands
play_content: Play content
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