OMNI OGB1 E-bike

OMNI OGB1 E-bike OMNI is a smart sharing bicycle lock with GPS, GPRS, and Bluetooth support. The device features a 6000mAh/8000mAh battery, waterproof IP67-compliant casing, optional solar panel, and more.

Protocol: omni Manufacturer: Omni Forum discussion
D1 Positioning tracking commands
upload_interval: Upload positioning interval
L0 Unlock instruction
user_id: User ID
reset_riding_time: Reset riding time
L3 Electric vehicle switch control
power: Power
L6 Obtain battery info
S1 Restart
S5 Access to Lock Information
S6 Obtain electric bike information
S7 Lock Function Settings
upload_s6: Status for upload scooter info (S6)
sound_alarm: Number of detected movements for sound alarm
command_alarm: Number of detected movements for command alarm
bluetooth_unlock: Bluetooth unlock function
heartbeat_interval: Heartbeat upload interval
s6_upload_interval: E-bike information (S6) upload interval
active_upload_positioning_interval: Active upload positioning interval
S8 bike search instructions
ring_times: Ring times
Custom command
Send custom command to device. Format for R0 and L0 commands : 0xFFFF*SCOS,OM,{ident},{instruction_type},{payload},# Format for other commands with payload: 0xFFFF*SCOS,OM,{ident},{instruction_type},{payload}# Format for commands with no payload: 0xFFFF*SCOS,OM,{ident},{instruction_type}# Note: The following settings are saved after power down.
payload: Comma separated list of parameters to send as payload
instruction_type: 2 letter instruction type
D0 - Get position instruction
I0 - Get the SIM card ICCID number
S6 - Obtain scooter information command
D1 Upload positioning interval 60 seconds
R0 Unlocking/Lock operation request command
V0 Beep playback commands: 2: Find a scooter alert
L0 Unlocking command, e.g. 255 value received as key in R0 command
S7 Scooter setting instruction 1 command: headlight switch ON, mode high speed, throttle ignore, taillights flashing shut down