30 March, 2023

Top Concox GPS trackers on the flespi platform

What models of Concox devices were the most popular on flespi and what is special about them?

We are continuing our series of articles about the top GPS hardware manufacturers on the flespi platform. We’ve already covered Topflytech, Suntech, Atrack, and Ruptela.

Concox is one of the leading location-based solutions and services providers with 20+ years experience in the IoT industry. The company owns 21 invention patent, delivers its produce to 150+ countries across the globe, and cooperates with 1,000+ partners on their projects. Traditionally known for its vehicle, asset, and bike GPS trackers, Concox keeps evolving and tapping into the new areas of business, new markets, and new verticals. For instance, the brand is designing and manufacturing its dash cameras and is developing TrackSolid Pro — a fleet management software for GPS tracking and video monitoring.

On the flespi platform, Concox devices usually make it to the top 5 of the most connected trackers on a monthly basis. Overall, our customers connected 15,000+ Concox devices to the flespi platform in 2022. Let’s now take a closer look at which Concox models were the most popular.


top concox models

  1. Concox GT06N — universal vehicle GPS tracker

  2. Concox BL10S — bike lock GPS tracker

  3. Concox EG02 — e-scooter GPS tracker

  4. Concox BL10 — bike lock GPS tracker

  5. Concox WeTrack Lite — compact vehicle GPS tracker

Notable features

  • Three models of trackers are suitable for micromobility projects. This correlates with the fact that the flespi platform is highly popular with sharing businesses as a data hub and backend for their solutions.

  • The other two models are value-for-money vehicle GPS trackers suitable for car rental, fleet management, logistics, and other applications. Seems like the flespi customers often choose Concox devices for basic GPS tracking solutions.

  • No 4G and other fancy features (in the above five models) — only the essential functionality that fits 80% of the customers and projects.

Expert opinion 

We asked Vladimir Tihonchuk, a hardware specialist in Gurtam, to share his experience with the Concox devices and where this hardware gained exceptional popularity:

Concox is a great example of a good GPS tracker with a reasonble price tag. They just do their job. And it’s enough for many customers.

A few years ago the company started paying more attention to the needs of more advanced users and introduced support of LLS over RS232, “transparent channel”, support for RFID readers, and more. Another direction of development is tapping into the market for video telematics with their dashcams.

But primarily Concox GPS trackers are still chosen for their adequate price and stable operation. This is the manufacturer with responsive technical support and reliable communication.


With its wide range of vehicle, asset, bike, and personal GPS trackers as well as dashcams, Concox has a suitable offering for projects in transportation, micromobility, construction, mining, insurance, rental services, and many other domains. Being reasonably priced, the Concox trackers have become popular worldwide, and their quality persuades people to stick to them. Be sure to check what Concox models might fit your next or existing project.