25 April, 2023

Top Teltonika GPS trackers on the flespi platform

What models of Teltonika devices were the most popular on flespi and what is special about them?

We are continuing our series of articles about the top GPS hardware manufacturers on the flespi platform. We’ve already covered Topflytech, Suntech, Atrack, Ruptela, Concox, and Queclink.

Teltonika is the leading provider of products, accessories, and solutions in vehicle telematics for easy and efficient fleet management. The company offers a wide range of GPS trackers for a variety of applications - agriculture, car sharing, construction, mining, insurance, logistics, utility services, delivery services, emergency services, whatnot. In addition, Teltonika supplies sensors and beacons to natively pair with their GPS equipment. Also, the brand is tapping into the video telematics market with their dualcam and ADAS devices. In over 24 years in the market and with local offices in 20 countries, Teltonika delivered 21+ million IoT devices across the globe. 

On the flespi platform, Teltonika devices often find themselves at the top of the most connected trackers rating. Overall, our customers connected an impressive 95,000+ Teltonika devices to the flespi platform in 2022. Let’s now take a closer look at which Teltonika models were the most popular.


top teltonika gps tracker models 2022

  1. Teltonika FMC640 — 4G LTE Cat 1 GPS tracker for professional applications

  2. Teltonika FMB920 — the most popular compact 2G GPS device for basic tracking

  3. Teltonika FMB120 — 2G vehicle GPS tracker for remote fleet monitoring

  4. Teltonika TFT100 — 2G GPS tracker with high-voltage support for e-mobility & heavy machinery

  5. Teltonika FMC130 — advanced 4G LTE Cat 1 GPS tracker with flexible inputs

Notable features

  • The FMC series are the professional 4G GPS trackers for advanced use — they feature CAN support, tachograph reading, and multiple connections.

  • The FMB series are the top-selling 2G vehicle GPS trackers for fleet management with all the right features — ecodriving, iButton, BLE beacons support, remote engine blocking, and so much more.

  • The TFT series is aiming at the e-mobility market — e-scooters, e-bikes, e-forklifts, etc. — and offers rugged IP67 GPS devices with a wide voltage range, CAN, RS232/RS485 and UART interfaces for flexible applications.

Expert opinion 

We asked Vladimir Tihonchuk, a hardware specialist in Gurtam, to share his experience with the Teltonika devices and where this hardware gained exceptional popularity:

I knew Teltonika even before I joined Gurtam 10 years ago. This was one of the first “monitoring” brands that I explored. My experience with GPS trackers started from thoroughly investigating Teltonika FM4100. In some respect, Teltonika has always served as a yardstick of comparison.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Teltonika is a legend in the world of GPS monitoring. Millions of manufactured devices, hundreds of models.

We had different periods in our cooperation, however now it’s a solid partnership, with many new models being integrated even before the official release.

As for the devices themselves, they are always featured in the list of recommended trackers for virtually any application.

Tachograph readings, CAN bus data, sensors via RS232 and RS485, BLE, video solutions — Teltonika has it all. It’s worth mentioning that Teltonika produces its own modem for the devices, which is quite unique in the market. The device configurator is really good and allows easy and flexible device management.

In a word, Teltonika deserves its status of one of the leaders on the telematics market, and accounting for the rate and quality of the newly released models, it’s not going to give it away.

FYI, 500,000+ Teltonika trackers report to the Wialon Hosting platform, which makes up almost 16% of the total number of connected devices.


Teltonika is a rock-solid player on the telematics and IoT market globally. They have a strong brand, own manufacturing facilities, highly professional engineering, marketing, sales, and support teams, and a great offering of products. It’s always a good idea to check if Teltonika has a suitable GPS tracker for your solution — chances are high that it does.