Maxtrack MXT-130

Maxtrack MXT-130 is a vehicle GPS tracker with a 5000mAh built-in battery.

Protocol: maxtrack Manufacturer: Maxtrack Forum discussion
Battery charger
mode: Mode
speed: Speed
Bluetooth power mode
mode: Bluetooth mode
Device events transmission mask
gps_fixed: GPS fixed
ignition_event: Ignition event
alarm_mode_status: Alarm mode status
sleep_mode_status: Sleep mode status
alarm_panic_status: Alarm panic status
battery_fail_event: Battery fail event
battery_low_status: Battery low status
gnss_antenna_status: Gnss antenna status
input1_active_event: Input1 active event
input2_active_event: Input2 active event
input3_active_event: Input3 active event
output1_active_event: Output1 active event
output2_active_event: Output2 active event
gsm_jamming_alarm_status: Gsm jamming alarm status
configuration_change_event: Configuration change event
external_powersource_status: External powersource status
File command
file_id: File ID
file_type: File type
file_uuid: CDN File UUID
Digital Outputs Control
status: Status
out_num: Output number
LBS data sending configuration
mode: LBS config
Led mode control
mode: Enable Panic mode
Low power config
turn_off_rs: Turn off RS-232 on low power
only_battery_mode: Only battery mode
time_before_sleep: Time before sleep
time_before_low_power: Time before low power
GSM Network Setup
Access point settings for SIM card
apn: APN
password: APN Password
username: APN Username
Position Interval Timers
panic: Panic
sleep: Sleep
jammer: Jammer
battery: Battery
low_power: Low power
portable_moving: Portable moving
portable_stopped: Portable stopped
distance_threshold: Distance threshold
ignition_on_moving: Ignition ON moving
ignition_off_moving: Ignition OFF moving
ignition_on_stopped: Ignition ON stopped
ignition_off_stopped: Ignition OFF stopped
direction_angle_threshold: Direction angle threshold
Primary Server Connection Setup
Primary server parameters where the monitoring data will be transmitted to
host: Host
port: Port
conn_type: Connection type
Device Information
Device Information
imei: IMEI
iccid1: ICCID SIM 1
iccid2: ICCID SIM 2
Restart the Device by SMS
Secondary Server Connection Setup
Secondary server parameters where the monitoring data will be transmitted to
host: Host
port: Port
conn_type: Connection type
Connection Server Setup over SMS
Server parameters where the monitoring data will be transmitted to delivered via SMS
host1: Primary host
host2: Secondary host
port1: Primary port
port2: Secondary port
conn_type1: Primary connection type
conn_type2: Connection type
Set Password
password_new: Password new
password_old: Password old
password_type: Password type
Speeds configuration
max_speed: Max speed
hist_slots_qty: Histogram slots quantity
hist_slots_size: Histogram slots size
max_rainy_speed: Max rainy speed
min_speed_on_neutral: Min speed on neutral
User config
accept: Accept any user
generate_logout: Ignition off generate logout
Telemetry Variables
odometer: Odometer
odometer_can: Odometer CAN
odometer_pulse: Odometer Pulse
vehicle_operation_time: Vehicle operation time
Custom binary command
Send custom command to device, message type 0x33. Note! This command is applicable to Maxtrack binary protocol devices, not protobuf!
payload: Parameter value. Variable length. Depends on parameter_id
parameter_id: HEX representation of number that defines which parameter to change
Activate output 2 (see SPC_OUTPUT_MACRO3 command)
Activate output 1 for 5 seconds in 2 cycles (see SPC_OUTPUT_MACRO3 command)
Custom protobuf command
Send custom command to device. Note! This command is applicable to Maxtrack PROTOBUF devices, not binary!
payload: Payload data. Variable length. Depends on message_type. Must be protobuf encoded HEX
message_code: Message type HEX formatted. Refer to Maxtrack protobuf specification