Maxtrack MXT-151

Maxtrack MXT-151 is a vehicle GPS tracker with a secondary communication circuit (2.4 GHz). The device features quadband communication support, internal backup battery, sleep mode, braking / overturning / acceleration identification, 4 digital inputs, one pre-defined input for ignition, and more.

Protocol: maxtrack Manufacturer: Maxtrack Forum discussion
Backend Server Setup
Main server parameters where the monitoring data will be transmitted to
host: Host
port: Port
Secondary Backend Server Setup
Secondary server parameters where the monitoring data will be transmitted to
host: Host
port: Port
Enable Digital Inputs
input1: Enable input 1
input2: Enable input 2
input3: Enable input 3
input4: Enable input 4
GSM Network Setup
Access point settings for SIM card
apn: APN
mode: Connection type
password: APN Password
username: APN Username
Enable Digital Output 1
enable: Enable or Disable output 1
Enable Digital Output 2
enable: Enable or Disable output 2
Enable Digital Output 3
enable: Enable or Disable output 3
Activate or deactivate panic
enable: Enable Panic mode
Restart the Device
Report Interval
Setup Report intervals.
enable_wap: Enable WAP
enable_reason: Enable Reason
enable_voltage: Enable detail information of the voltage
resend_timeout: Resend Timeout
timeout_moving: Timeout moving
timer_of_panic: Panic status reporting interval
enable_gps_info: Enable GPS info
enable_odometer: Enable odometer
resend_attempts: Resend Attempts
enable_driver_id: Enable Driver ID
timer_of_movement: device moving reporting interval
enable_waypoint_id: Enable Waypoint ID
keep_working_timer: keep working timer after ignition off
enable_engine_hours: Enable engine hours
timer_of_ignition_off: Ignition OFF reporting interval