Segway Ninebot PJ22IOT

Segway Ninebot PJ22IOT is an IoT device for shared scooter management. The device allows to lock/unlock, power on /off, turn on/off the throttle, and switch between different riding modes, etc. You can also monitor the state of the scooter through its communications with the server, such as sending alarms, firmware version information, battery temperatures, etc. It also has auxiliary features like prompt voice, superior waterproof design (IP67), and a built-in 1000 mAh battery.

Protocol: omni Manufacturer: Segway-Ninebot Forum discussion
C0 Unlock the battery cover
D0 Get positioning instructions, single time
D1 Positioning tracking commands
upload_interval: Upload positioning interval
R0 Unlocking/Lock operation request command
Send R0 command (timestamp appended automatically). After device response L0 or L1 command will be sent by server automatically.
lock: Lock/Unlock
user_id: User ID
key_time: Key effective time
S0 Shutdown Directive
S2 LED Control
enable: Enable
S5 IoT device settings
Note: The following settings are saved after power down.
acc_sens: Accelerometer sensitivity
upload_s6: Status for upload scooter info (S6)
heartbeat_interval: Heartbeat upload interval
s6_upload_interval: Scooter information (S6) upload interval
V0 Beep playback commands
play_content: Play content
Custom command
Send custom command to device. Format for R0 and L0 commands : 0xFFFF*SCOS,OM,{ident},{instruction_type},{payload},# Format for other commands with payload: 0xFFFF*SCOS,OM,{ident},{instruction_type},{payload}# Format for commands with no payload: 0xFFFF*SCOS,OM,{ident},{instruction_type}# Note: The following settings are saved after power down.
payload: Comma separated list of parameters to send as payload
instruction_type: 2 letter instruction type
D0 - Get position instruction
I0 - Get the SIM card ICCID number
S6 - Obtain scooter information command
D1 Upload positioning interval 60 seconds
R0 Unlocking/Lock operation request command
V0 Beep playback commands: 2: Find a scooter alert
L0 Unlocking command, e.g. 255 value received as key in R0 command
S7 Scooter setting instruction 1 command: headlight switch ON, mode high speed, throttle ignore, taillights flashing shut down
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