Teltonika FM5300

Teltonika FM5300 is an advanced terminal with GLONASS/GPS positioning and GSM connectivity, which is able to get device coordinates and other data and transfer them via GSM network. This device is perfectly suitable for tracking remote objects (trucks, cars etc) quickly and easily. In case of lost connection Teltonika FM5300 can store more than 16000 records, and once the connection is re-established the device will send stored data via GPRS.

Protocol: teltonika Manufacturer: Teltonika Forum discussion
Profile 3: APN Name
apn: APN Name
Profile 3: APN Password
password: APN Password
Profile 3: APN Username
username: APN Username
Profile 3: GPRS Content Activation
enable: Enable GPRS
Digital Outputs
Change state of digital outputs 1 - 4
out1: Output 1
out2: Output 2
out3: Output 3
out4: Output 4
Profile 3: Backend Server Host
host: Host
Profile 3: Backend Server Port
port: Port
Profile 3: Backend Server Protocol
protocol: Protocol
Action command setdigout
Send setdigout command to control digital outputs 1 - 4 with timeout and speed limit options
out1: State of digital output 1
out2: State of digital output 2
out3: State of digital output 3
out4: State of digital output 4
Codec 12 command
Send command encoded in Codec 12
hex: Payload is encoded as HEX string
crlf: Add CR and LF bytes after text payload
payload: Text or hex data to send
Set output 3 to ON for 5 seconds, and set outputs 1,2,4 to OFF
{"payload":"setdigout 0010 0 0 5 0"}
Custom command
Send custom command via connection or over SMS
Force device to generate a record and connect to server to deliver it
Send custom bytes to device as codec 12 command. May be used to communicate with external equipment connected over serial port
Get configuration param
Get configuration parameter by its number
param: Param number
Set configuration param
Set configuration parameter by its number
param: Param number
value: Param value