Teltonika FM6300

Teltonika FM6300 is a 3G GPS tracker for heavy transport monitoring. The device features Dual SIM support, RS232/RS485 serial communication interfaces, CAN data (J1939) support, fuel CAN data (J1708) support, tachograph live data (K-Line) support, remote tachograph data download, 6 1-Wire temperature sensors, 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs, 3 analog inputs, 1-Wire iButton, 550 mAh Ni-Mh backup battery, and more.

Protocol: teltonika Manufacturer: Teltonika Forum discussion
Digital Outputs
Change state of digital outputs 1 - 4
out1: Output 1
out2: Output 2
out3: Output 3
out4: Output 4
Action command setdigout
Send setdigout command to control digital outputs 1 - 4 with timeout and speed limit options
out1: State of digital output 1
out2: State of digital output 2
out3: State of digital output 3
out4: State of digital output 4
timeout1: Timeout 1
timeout2: Timeout 2
timeout3: Timeout 3
timeout4: Timeout 4
speed_limit1: Speed limit 1
speed_limit2: Speed limit 2
speed_limit3: Speed limit 3
speed_limit4: Speed limit 4