Teltonika GH5200

Teltonika GH5200 is an autonomous personal tracker with GNSS, GSM, and Bluetooth connectivity. The device features two-way voice communication, man-down detection, 5 configurable buttons, alarm button, Bluetooth 4.0 + LE, 1050 mAh  Li-Ion battery.

Protocol: teltonika Manufacturer: Teltonika Forum discussion
Authorized beacons list
The list of Authorized BLE Beacons. iBeacon format supported (e.g. 00026da64fa24e988024bc5b71e0893e-1111-CCCC) and Eddystone (e.g. 00026da64fa24e988024bc5b-1111).
id1: BLE Beacon UID 1
id2: BLE Beacon UID 2
id3: BLE Beacon UID 3
id4: BLE Beacon UID 4
id5: BLE Beacon UID 5
id6: BLE Beacon UID 6
id7: BLE Beacon UID 7
id8: BLE Beacon UID 8
id9: BLE Beacon UID 9
id10: BLE Beacon UID 10
id11: BLE Beacon UID 11
id12: BLE Beacon UID 12
id13: BLE Beacon UID 13
id14: BLE Beacon UID 14
id15: BLE Beacon UID 15
id16: BLE Beacon UID 16
id17: BLE Beacon UID 17
id18: BLE Beacon UID 18
id19: BLE Beacon UID 19
id20: BLE Beacon UID 20
id21: BLE Beacon UID 21
id22: BLE Beacon UID 22
id23: BLE Beacon UID 23
id24: BLE Beacon UID 24
id25: BLE Beacon UID 25
Secondary GPRS Server Setup
host: Host
mode: Mode
port: Port
protocol: Secondary GPRS server protocol
Beacon settings
record: Beacon Records
detection: Beacon detection
period_on_move: Record period on move
period_on_stop: Record period on Stop
BLE common settings
non_stop: Enable non stop scan
power_level: BT Power Level
scan_retries: Scan retries until error
scan_duration: BLE Scan duration
ble_service_id: BLE broadcasting service ID
ble_conn_control: BLE connection control
Bluetooth work mode
mode: Bluetooth scenario setting
local_pin: Bluetooth pairing PIN code
local_name: Local name
security_mode: Security mode
Auto connect to external device
mode: Connection mode
external_mac: External Mac
external_pin: External PIN
external_name: External name
Bluetooth home zone and proximity
Allows to set up proximity detection application
rssi: Lowest RSSI before alarm event
scenario: Scenario
pre_alarm: Pre-alarm duration
generate_event: Generate event
proximity_detection: Proximity detection
Reset device
Data codec to use for data transmission
codec: Data codec
Firmware Over The Air web serivce
web: Enable
Request current GPS data, date and time.
Send getgps command to the device. The response will be stored as telemetry message
Send getimeiccid command
Force device to generate a report
getver command response
Readonly settings to check device firmware and hardware info
imei: IMEI
init: Init time
uptime: Uptime in seconds
gps_chip: GPS chip version
hardware_model: Hardware model
firmware_version: Firmware Version
GNSS Source
gps: GPS
beidou: Beidou
galileo: Galileo
glonass: Glonass
GPRS Setup
Setup sending data by GPRS link. Note: after changing this setting device will be disconnected from current server.
apn: APN Name
enabled: GPRS Enabled
password: APN Password
username: APN Username
GPRS Server Setup
Setup server to send data by GPRS link. Note: after changing this setting device will be disconnected from current server.
host: Host
port: Port
protocol: Server protocol
Green Driving
Green driving scenario settings
sms: Send SMS
prio: Priority
output: Output Control
source: Source
duration: Duration
max_accel: Max Acceleration
max_angle: Max Angle
max_brake: Max Braking
Phone Numbers
Predefined GSM phone numbers
phone1: Phone Number 1
phone2: Phone Number 2
phone3: Phone Number 3
phone4: Phone Number 4
phone5: Phone Number 5
phone6: Phone Number 6
phone7: Phone Number 7
phone8: Phone Number 8
phone9: Phone Number 9
phone10: Phone Number 10
Home GSM Network Settings
Data acquisition parameters for home GSM network.
on_move: Vehicle Moving
on_stop: Vehicle On Stop
Incoming call action
action: Action
LED Indication
enabled: Enabled
Network Ping
Set up network ping with a certain timeout to prevent link close by the operator.
timeout: Timeout
Network Time Protocol server
ntp_server1: NTP Server 1
ntp_server2: NTP Server 2
resync_period: Re-synchronization period
Overspeeding scenario settings
sms: Send SMS
prio: Priority
output: Output Control
max_speed: Max Speed
Permanent Link
Permanent Link
enable: Enable
Records Parameters
Records sending parameters setup.
order: Records Soring Order
online: Open Link Timeout
response: Server Response Timeout
Roaming GSM Network Settings
Data acquisition parameters for roaming GSM network.
on_move: Vehicle Moving
on_stop: Vehicle On Stop
Sleep Mode
Device power saving mode setup. In sleep mode module reduces level of power consumption by turning GPS module to sleep. In deep sleep mode module turns GPS module to sleep and device is deregistered from GSM network (device do not receive SMS in deep sleep). In Online Deep Sleep mode device works as in Deep Sleep mode, but without deregistering from GSM network.
mode: Sleep Mode
SMS report sending parameters
phone: Predefined Phone Number
enable: Allow sms data sending
Static Navigation
Static Navigation Mode is a filter, which filters out track jumps when the object is not moving.
stat_nav: Static Navigation
SMS event Time Zone
half_tz: Half Time Zone
time_zone: Time Zone
hemisphere: Hemisphere
Enable connection over TLS
enable: TLS enable
Unknown GSM Network Settings
Data acquisition parameters for unknown GSM network.
on_move: Vehicle Moving
on_stop: Vehicle On Stop
Set user ID message parameter
User ID feature allows users to send custom number as AVL ID 854 parameter.
id: User ID
prio: Priority
event: Event Only
operand: Operand
Connect to Fota WEB immediately.
Codec 12 command
Send command encoded in Codec 12
hex: Payload is encoded as HEX string
crlf: Add CR and LF bytes after text payload
payload: Text or hex data to send
wait_response: Wait Response
Set output 3 to ON for 5 seconds, and set outputs 1,2,4 to OFF
{"payload":"setdigout 0010 0 0 5 0"}
Custom command
Send custom command via connection or over SMS
Force device to generate a record and connect to server to deliver it
Send custom bytes to device as codec 12 command. May be used to communicate with external equipment connected over serial port
Get configuration param
Get configuration parameter by its number
param: Param number
Set configuration param
Set configuration parameter by its number
param: Param number
value: Param value