Teltonika TST100

Teltonika TST100 is a scooter GPS tracker currently working with Segway and Xiaomi e-scooters. The device can read data from scooters ECU, update firmware and configuration over the air, has IP65 casing, 170 mAh Li-Ion battery, and more. The TST100 functionality includes fall-down detection, jamming detection, unplug detection, auto geofence, manual geofence, trip start and stop detection, engine power on/off, lock/unlock scooter, lights on/off/blink mode selection, siren on/off/beep, speed limit setup, acceleration speed setup, and more.

Protocol: teltonika Manufacturer: Teltonika Forum discussion
Secondary GPRS Server Setup
host: Host
mode: Mode
port: Port
protocol: Secondary GPRS server protocol
Firmware Over The Air web serivce
web: Enable
GNSS Source
gps: GPS
beidou: Beidou
galileo: Galileo
glonass: Glonass
GPRS Setup
Setup sending data by GPRS link. Note: after changing this setting device will be disconnected from current server.
apn: APN Name
enabled: GPRS Enabled
password: APN Password
username: APN Username
GPRS Server Setup
Setup server to send data by GPRS link. Note: after changing this setting device will be disconnected from current server.
host: Host
port: Port
protocol: Server protocol
Phone Numbers
Predefined GMS phone numbers
phone1: Phone Number 1
phone2: Phone Number 2
phone3: Phone Number 3
phone4: Phone Number 4
phone5: Phone Number 5
phone6: Phone Number 6
phone7: Phone Number 7
phone8: Phone Number 8
phone9: Phone Number 9
phone10: Phone Number 10
Home GSM Network Settings
Data acquisition parameters for home GSM network.
on_move: Vehicle Moving
on_stop: Vehicle On Stop
Incoming call action
action: Action
Jamming with timeout scenario
mode: Scenario priority
LED Indication
enabled: Enabled
Motion Detection Source
Object motion detection is to be configured to determine device working mode. Other functionalities that depend on movement source are: power manager, fuel consumption and trip.
source: Movement Source
Network Time Protocol server
mode: Synchronization Source
Roaming GSM Network Settings
Data acquisition parameters for roaming GSM network.
on_move: Vehicle Moving
on_stop: Vehicle On Stop
Start or shut down the scooter engine
mode: switch
Lock/Unlock Scooter. Is available only in non-riding mode
lock: Lock/Unlock
Looking for scooter
headlight and taillight will flash and beep
mode: switch
Scooter fall down event alarm
fall_down: Enable event report
Turn on/off scooter using PCW (Power Control Wire)
Effect of command and response depends on scooter state at the time of receiving a command.
Shut down scooter
shut down is done using inner command sent to scooter main board
Restart scooter system
Scooter beep control on alarm
mode: switch
Scooter beep control switch
mode: switch
Set scooter BT pairing code
code: BT code
Scooter functions setup. 1st instruction set
use_mph: Use mph units
error_icon: Error icon on or off
broadcast_bt: Bluetooth broadcast or not
display_unit: Display unit or not
bt_icon_flash: Bluetooth icon flash or off
display_panel: Panel display or not
display_speed: Display speed or not
ext_bat_light: External battery light on/off
bt_icon_always: Bluetooth icon always on or off
headlight_flash: Headlight flash
no_alarm_locked: No alarm when locked
taillight_flash: Taillight flash
headlight_always: Headlight always on/off
taillight_always: Taillight always on/off
display_bat_level: Display battery level on or off
temperature_icon_error: Temperature error icon on or off
Scooter functions setup. 2nd instruction set
button_change_mode: Button can change mode or not
display_speed_change: Display speed mode or not
Scooter cruise control switch
mode: switch
Scooter headlight switch
mode: switch
Set scooter operating mode
mode: Operating mode
Sleep Mode
Device power saving mode setup. In sleep mode module reduces level of power consumption by turning GPS module to sleep. In deep sleep mode module turns GPS module to sleep and device is deregistered from GSM network (device do not receive SMS in deep sleep). In Online Deep Sleep mode device works as in Deep Sleep mode, but without deregistering from GSM network.
mode: Sleep Mode
SMS report sending parameters
phone: Predefined Phone Number Index
enable: Allow sms data sending
Static Navigation
Static Navigation Mode is a filter, which filters out track jumps when the object is not moving.
stat_nav: Static Navigation
SMS event Time Zone
half_tz: Half Time Zone
time_zone: Time Zone
hemisphere: Hemisphere
Unknown GSM Network Settings
Data acquisition parameters for unknown GSM network.
on_move: Vehicle Moving
on_stop: Vehicle On Stop