Concox BL10

Concox BL10 is a combined hardware/software GPS-powered bike sharing solution. The device features geo-fencing, long-lasting battery, solar panels, and IPX6 waterproof casing. Users can find or reserve a bicycle from a web browser or mobile app. Bicycles can be unlocked by scanning the QR code, SMS, GPRS, and Bluetooth. When done riding, a user can view and share mapped rides and statistics, including miles traveled, calories burned, cost, etc.

Title Name Description Properties
Abnormal Alarm abmornal_alarm Abnormal alarm settings enable: Enable
GPRS Setup apn Configure APN parameters auto: Auto APN
Device Information device_info Device Information imsi: IMSI

iccid: ICCID

chip_id: Chip ID

password: Password

secret_key: Secret Key

software_ver: Software Version

bluetooth_mac: Bluetooth MAC
Find find_device Find a device by sound ival: Timeout

ring: Ring Interval

count: Rings Count

enable: Enable
GPS ON gps_activate Activate GPS ival: Time
GPS Data Upload gps_upload_ival GPS data upload interval ival: Interval
Heartbeat hrbt_ival Heartbeat interval ival: Interval
Location ljdw Start immediate location
Low Battery Alarm low_bat_alarm Low battery alarm settings enable: Enable
Power Off Alarm pwr_off_alarm Power off alarm settings enable: Enable
Restart Device reboot Device restart 20 seconds after receiving this command
Reserve reserve Make reservation time: Time
Server Setup server Configure backend server parameters comm: Communication Mode

mode: Host Mode
Unlock unlock Unlock device
WiFi ON wifi_activate Turn On WiFi for a single time ival: Time