Teltonika FM3622

Teltonika FM3622 is a small professional GPS/GLONASS tracker with 3G support, internal high gain GNSS and 3G antennas, internal backup battery, 1-Wire protocol support, GNSS antenna disconnection detection, and more.

Title Name Description Properties
APN Name gprs_apn_1profile apn: APN Name
APN Password gprs_apn_password_1profile password: APN Password
APN Username gprs_apn_username_1profile username: APN Username
GPRS Content Activation gprs_enable_1profile enable: Enable GPRS
Digital Outputs outputs2 Change state of digital outputs 1 - 2 out1: Output 1

out2: Output 2
Backend Server Host server_host_1profile host: Host
Backend Server Port server_port_1profile port: Port
Backend Server Protocol server_protocol_1profile protocol: Protocol