Teltonika FM4100

Teltonika FM4100 is a heavy vehicle GPS/GLONASS terminal that is suitable for working on vans and trucks. It is able to send the coordinates and different status messages of the vehicle.

Title Name Description Properties
Profile 3: APN Name gprs_apn apn: APN Name
Profile 3: APN Password gprs_apn_password password: APN Password
Profile 3: APN Username gprs_apn_username username: APN Username
Profile 3: GPRS Content Activation gprs_enable enable: Enable GPRS
Profile 3: Backend Server Host server_host host: Host
Profile 3: Backend Server Port server_port port: Port
Profile 3: Backend Server Protocol server_protocol protocol: Protocol
SMS Authentication sms_auth Authentication credentials for sending commands over SMS login: Login

password: Password