Teltonika FMB122

Teltonika FMB122 is an advanced GLONASS/GPS tracker with external GNSS antenna, dual-SIM, Bluetooth, multiple vehicles CAN support, crash detection, idling detection, voice calls, internal battery, and a lot more.

Title Name Description Properties
Secondary GPRS Server Setup backup_server host: Host

mode: Mode

port: Port

protocol: Secondary GPRS server protocol
CAN Parameters can_params CAN parameters setup. maf: Mass Air Flow Rate

cmd_egr: Commanded EGR

dtc_num: Number of DTC

abs_load: Absolute Load Value

air_temp: Ambient Air Temperature

oil_temp: Engine Oil Temperature

throttle: Throttle Position

egr_error: EGR Error

fuel_rate: Engine Fuel Rate

engine_rpm: Engine RPM

fuel_level: Fuel Level

intake_map: Intake MAP

engine_load: Engine Load

time_mil_on: Time Run With MIL On

bar_pressure: Barometric Pressure

battery_life: Hybrid Battery Pack Remaining Life

coolant_temp: Coolant Temperature

distance_mil: Distance Traveled Since MIL On

fuel_pressure: Fuel Pressure

vehicle_speed: Vehicle Speed

module_voltage: Control Module Voltage

timing_advance: Timing Advance

fuel_inj_timing: Fuel Injection Timing

intake_air_temp: Intake Air Temperature

short_fuel_trim: Short Fuel Trim

run_engine_start: Run Time Since Engine Start

time_codes_clear: Time Since Trouble Codes Cleared

distance_codes_clear: Distance Traveled Since Trouble Codes Cleared

abs_fuel_rail_pressure: Absolute Fuel Rail Pressure

dir_fuel_rail_pressure: Direct Fuel Rail Pressure

rel_fuel_rail_pressure: Relative Fuel Rail Pressure
GPRS Setup gprs Setup sending data by GPRS link. Note: after changing this setting device will be disconnected from current server. apn: APN Name

enabled: GPRS Enabled

password: APN Password

username: APN Username
GPRS Server Setup gprs_server Setup server to send data by GPRS link. Note: after changing this setting device will be disconnected from current server. host: Host

port: Port
Phone Numbers gsm_numbers Predefined GMS phone numbers phone1: Phone Number 1

phone2: Phone Number 2

phone3: Phone Number 3

phone4: Phone Number 4

phone5: Phone Number 5

phone6: Phone Number 6

phone7: Phone Number 7

phone8: Phone Number 8

phone9: Phone Number 9

phone10: Phone Number 10
Ignition Detection Source ignition_detection Ignition source is configurable and used to determine vehicle ignition status. Ignition status is used in power management and the following functionalities: eco driving, excessive idling, fuel consumption, over speeding, towing and trip. ign: Ignition source
LED Indication led_indication enabled: Enabled
Motion Detection Source motion_detection Object motion detection is to be configured to determine device working mode. Other functionalities that depend on movement source are: power manager, fuel consumption and trip. source: Movement Source
Digital Outputs outputs2 Change state of digital outputs 1 - 2 out1: Output 1

out2: Output 2
SMS Authentication sms_auth Authentication credentials for sending commands over SMS login: Login

password: Password
Static Navigation static_filter Static Navigation Mode is a filter, which filters out track jumps when the object is not moving. stat_nav: Static Navigation