Teltonika FMB122

Teltonika FMB122 is an advanced GLONASS/GPS tracker with external GNSS antenna, dual-SIM, Bluetooth, multiple vehicles CAN support, crash detection, idling detection, voice calls, internal battery, and a lot more.

Title Name Description Properties
GNSS Source gnss_source gps: GPS

beidou: Beidou

galileo: Galileo

glonass: Glonass
GPRS Setup gprs Setup sending data by GPRS link. Note: after changing this setting device will be disconnected from current server. apn: APN Name

enabled: GPRS Enabled

password: APN Password

username: APN Username
GPRS Server Setup gprs_server Setup server to send data by GPRS link. Note: after changing this setting device will be disconnected from current server. host: Host

port: Port
Home GSM Network Settings home_network Data acquisition parameters for home GSM network. on_move: Vehicle Moving

on_stop: Vehicle On Stop
Ignition Detection Source ignition_detection Ignition source is configurable and used to determine vehicle ignition status. Ignition status is used in power management and the following functionalities: eco driving, excessive idling, fuel consumption, over speeding, towing and trip. ign: Ignition source
LED Indication led_indication enabled: Enabled
Motion Detection Source motion_detection Object motion detection is to be configured to determine device working mode. Other functionalities that depend on movement source are: power manager, fuel consumption and trip. source: Movement Source
Records Parameters records_params Records sending parameters setup. order: Records Soring Order

online: Open Link Timeout

response: Server Response Timeout
Sleep Mode sleep_mode Device power saving mode setup. In sleep mode module reduces level of power consumption by turning GPS module to sleep. In deep sleep mode module turns GPS module to sleep and device is deregistered from GSM network (device don't receive SMS in deep sleep). In Online Deep Sleep mode device works as in Deep Sleep mode, but without deregistering from GSM network. mode: Sleep Mode
SMS Authentication sms_auth Authentication credentials for sending commands over SMS login: Login

password: Password
Static Navigation static_filter Static Navigation Mode is a filter, which filters out track jumps when the object is not moving. stat_nav: Static Navigation