2 May, 2018

April 2018 change log

Major flespi improvements in April 2018

We made it! In April we reached 100% platform uptime. No, we didn’t terminate active development for a month to boast the highest possible uptime mark. We were productive and effective as usual. It’s our highest level engineers in the team and technology we’ve been developing for a couple of years that allow us to perform upgrades and downgrades anytime with minimal (or no) overhead.

So what we did in April except traveling to Mexico and Russia and presenting the flespi platform to hundreds of tech-savvy people?

The most crucial for us and not yet as meaningful for others is the fact that flespi has released the first public cloud MQTT 5.0 broker in the world with most 5.0 features integrated. We did this extremely fast to supply developers of MQTT client libraries with a stable commercial-quality broker to test their libraries. We strongly believe in MQTT 5.0 protocol and its valuable features that supply developers with a bunch of new possibilities.

At the same time, we developed and are already testing the new database engine based on a new B+Tree technology that replaced the B-Tree used in the previous engine. Although the names for the two algorithms differ by one character, these are different things and structures with 95% of the new code in the latter implementation.

And some more tangible news. We now support a number of Queclink and Concox devices and enable their flexible remote configuration from the flespi panel. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to connect tracker to another platform via flespi and why you may want it. The above device manufacturers do not have own online configurators, so flespi becomes a viable tool for their customers. Plus, it is free.

In May we plan to enhance our MQTT API with commands and retained state messages for all flespi elements. It will allow using pure MQTT not only to receive events but also to access elements, their properties and even execute modification requests.

As usual, we are working on adding more settings and protocols to our telematics hub

And the next logical step for our device management platform is applying firmware upgrades and devices configuration management in bulk. We schedule this for mid-summer this year but will release these new features on a step-by-step basis.

And on June 11-15 flespi will be available in a booth at Cebit exhibition in Hannover, Germany to chat in person. Will be glad to meet there!