How to find all message parameters supported for a specific protocol?

Get the complete list of message parameters you can consume from flespi.

Flespi supports dozens of popular protocols for tracking devices. The basic parameters are available everywhere, however, there are a lot of protocol-specific values that differ and may be present in certain protocols only (e.g. for BLE beacons, CAN data, special sensors, etc.). This is where the list of message parameters supported in each given protocol may come in handy.

You can find the Message Parameters in the flespi panel in the left-side menu: 

message parameters menu item

When the new screen opens, you see the entire list of parameters across all protocols supported in flespi.

message parameters screen

The Protocols count value tells how many protocols use the given parameter. Click anywhere on the parameter line to see which protocols are using it.

Use the Protocols drop-down to pick the target protocol you want to see parameters for. Additionally, use the Filter field to narrow down the search by part of the parameter name or description.

message parameters for protocol filtered

P.S. Of course you can always get the same information by performing a proper API request but this time we just did that for you.

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