Queclink GB100

Queclink GB100 is a battery-mounted insurance GPS tracker with Bluetooth support. The device features a 3-axis accelerometer, integrated GSM and GNSS antennas, driver behavior monitoring, power saving, motion detection, IP65-compliant casing, and more.

Protocol: queclink Manufacturer: Queclink Forum discussion
Backend Server Setup
Configure the backend server information
host: Host
port: Port
heartbeat: Heartbeat Interval
buffer_mode: Buffering mode
report_mode: Report Mode
sack_enable: Server ACK
Device Parameters
Configure global parameters of the device.
agps: AGPS Mode enable
led_mode: LEDs working mode
odometer: Odometer
pwr_mode: Power saving mode
inf_report: Information Report
device_name: Device Name
new_password: New Device Password
gps_lost_time: GPS lost time
location_by_call: Location By Call
Device Information
Generic device information
name: Device Name
protocol: Protocol Version
Configure events that will cause reporting a message to the backend server.
bpl_event: Backup battery is low
btc_event: Backup battery started charging
igl_event: Send GPS position when virtual ignition on/off
ign_event: Report virtual ignition on/off events
mpf_event: Main power supply disconnected
mpn_event: Main power supply connected
pdp_event: Report GPRS connection established
pfa_event: Power off event
pna_event: Power on event
rtl_event: Report GPS position when power off
stc_event: Backup battery stopped charging
stt_event: Device motion state changed
External Power Supply Alarm
External Power Supply Alarm configuration
mode: Mode
sync: Sync With FRI
debounce: Debounce Time
max_threshold: Max Threshold
min_threshold: Min Threshold
Fixed Report
Fixed Report Configuration: GPS Tracking Mode Setup
mode: Working Mode
corner: Corner Report
time_range: Time Range
without_gps: Reporting Without GPS
igf_interval: Engine Off Position Reporting
check_interval: Check interval
GNSS Assisted Motion
GNSS assisted motion detection settings
speed: Speed Mode
enable: Enable Function
move_time: Motion Time
speed_lvl: Speed Threshold
still_time: Motionless Time
gnss_fail_time: GNSS Fix Failure Timeout
GSM Reports
Control how or when to report cells’ information.
mode: GSM Reports Mode
reports: Select reports
GSM Network Setup
Configure the GPRS/WCDMA/3G parameters in GSM networks
apn: APN
password: APN Password
username: APN Username
Report Composition
Configure the composition of report message and GPS information.
alt_enable: Altitude
gsm_enable: GSM tower data
mil_enable: Mileage
dname_enable: Device name
speed_enable: Speed
stime_enable: Send time
course_enable: Course
Tow Alarm
Tow alarm configuration
rest_dur: Stillness Timeout
engine_off: Engine Off timeout
motion_dur: Motion Timeout
tow_enable: Tow Alarm
motion_sens: Motion Sensor Sensitivity
tow_timeout: Tow Alarm Timeout
tow_interval: Tow Interval
Versions Information
Device versions information
fw_ver: Firmware Version
hw_ver: Hardware Version
mcu_ver: MCU Version
Accelerometer Virtual Ignition
Accelerometer (motion status) virtual ignition settings
rest_timeout: Rest Duration
motion_timeout: Motion Validity
Virtual Ignition Mode
Virtual ignition working mode
mode: Working Mode
Voltage Virtual Ignition
Voltage virtual ignition settings
smart: Smart Voltage Adjustment
on_voltage: Ignition ON Voltage
debounce_on: Ignition ON Debounce
debounce_off: Ignition OFF Debounce
voltage_offset: Voltage Offset
AT Command
Send custom AT command to device
cmd: Command to send, after AT+
payload: Command payload after password and up to count number: ',FFFF$' will be appended automatically by server
password: Device password
Activate digital outputs
Custom Command
Send custom command to device
payload: Command payload
wait_ack: Wait ACK
Activate digital outputs