Queclink GL300A

Queclink GL300A is an ultralong standby time GPS tracker suitable for logistics and transportation. The device features 2 light sensors and 1 temperature/humidity sensor for environment monitoring, internal GSM/GPS antenna, IP65 water resistant casing, and more.

Protocol: queclink Manufacturer: Queclink Forum discussion
Backend Server Setup
Configure the backend server information
host: Host
port: Port
heartbeat: Heartbeat Interval
buffer_mode: Buffering mode
report_mode: Report Mode
sack_enable: Server ACK
Device Information
Generic device information
name: Device Name
protocol: Protocol Version
Fixed Report
Fixed Report Configuration: GPS Tracking Mode Setup
mode: Working Mode
corner: Corner Report
end_time: End Time
movement: Movement Detect Mode
start_time: Start Time
without_gps: Reporting Without GPS
check_interval: GPS Check Interval
GSM Network Setup
Configure the GPRS/WCDMA/3G parameters in GSM networks
apn: APN
password: APN Password
username: APN Username
Non-Movement Behavior
Non-Movement detection and behavior
mode: Mode
movement: Movement
send_interval: Send Interval
check_interval: GPS Check Interval
Versions Information
Device versions information
fw_ver: Firmware Version
hw_ver: Hardware Version
mcu_ver: MCU Version
AT Command
Send custom AT command to device
cmd: Command to send, after AT+
payload: Command payload after password and up to count number: ',FFFF$' will be appended automatically by server
password: Device password
Activate digital outputs
Custom Command
Send custom command to device
payload: Command payload
wait_ack: Wait ACK
Activate digital outputs