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How to create and manipulate a subaccount?

Basic subaccounts actions explained: create, log in, share the link, change credentials.

The general sequence of actions is usually as follows:

  • Create a limit

  • Create a subaccount

  • Assign the limit to the subaccount

  • Log in with the subaccount

  • Set up subaccount credentials

Let’s go step by step now.

  1. In the panel open the Platform item in the left-side menu, pick the Limits sub-item, and create a new limit by clicking the “+” button:
    create new limit in flespi
    Note: if you don’t see the Platform item in the left-side menu, go to Config in the top left corner and enable the Platform item:
    enable platform menu in flespi panel

  2. Configure a new limit. You can set up the restrictions on the use of specific resources for the subaccount. If you leave default values (-1) for certain parameters, then they will be limited by available resources of the parent account.
    configure a new limit in flespi

  3. Switch to the Subaccounts sub-item in the Platform menu and add a new subaccount:
    create a subaccount in flespi

  4. Give it a name and assign a limit to it:
    assign limit to subaccount in flespi
    Note: if you haven’t created a limit yet, you can do it later and then assign the new limit in the subaccount settings.

  5. Create a new token in the Tokens menu. Pick the necessary subaccount from the list on the “Create for” parameter. Pick the Master type in the access parameter. Set a TTL or expiration date if needed.
    create token for subaccount in flespi

  6. Log in with the new subaccount by clicking the Login button on the token card:
    log in with subaccount in flespi
    Note: if you want to share the login link with someone, you can either right-click on the Login button and select Copy link address or copy the token and paste it at the end of the following URL:<TOKEN_GOES_HERE>.

  7. Pick the mode. After you click Login, you’ll be prompted to select the mode in which you would like to use flespi. Your choice affects which menu items you will see on the left. If unsure, pick Both.
    select flespi mode

  8. Set credentials. Once you log in, we recommend changing the subaccount’s settings. Set a self-explanatory name, and most importantly, set the email and password, so that a person using this subaccount could log in to the flespi panel with their own credentials (not with a token).
    change subaccount credentials in flespi
    Note: you as the owner of the parent account will always be able to log in into this subaccount using a token.

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