Limits — restrictions on the use of the flespi platform resources

Effective management of permissions and quotas across flespi accounts hierarchy.

Parent account can limit the platform resources usage for each subaccount. To do so the parent account creates a limit that defines the resources available for a subaccount and assigns this limit to the specified subaccount. 

The detailed description of commercial accounts limitation is described at the Terms of use page. 

Exceeding the limits will take the same effect for subaccounts. The common rule for limits hierarchy is that the parent is responsible for all its children, so if all together child accounts will exceed the limits for the parent account, the parent account will be blocked (along with all its subaccounts).  For the master account, it means that billing is calculated as a sum of all subaccounts platform use.

Possible applications

  • prohibit new channels and streams creation by subaccount (as channels and streams are the most expensive flespi items)

  • limit subaccount’s use of channel and API traffic to avoid the whole master account being blocked because of one subaccount’s inappropriate platform usage

  • limit subaccount’s SMS usage as SMS service has additional billing terms

  • block certain account: create a limit where everything is restricted and assign it to the subaccount which you want to block. Revert it to a regular limit to unblock the subaccount

  • create a limit according to your billing maximum rate and operate with the flespi platform from subaccount only to avoid extra charges. As flespi pricing model is “pay-as-you-use” you can exceed your expected platform usage due to a coding mistake which will result in a bloated monthly bill. So working with limits will allow you to control the usage automatically.

Read more on creating custom limitations here:

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