Queclink GL520(M)

Queclink GL520(M) is a long standby time mini GPS tracker designed for fixed asset tracking applications. The device features an integrated rechargeable battery, removal alert, switching to continuous tracking mode in emergency situations, and more.

Queclink GL520M version also features a magnetic mount.

Title Name Description Properties
Backend Server Setup backend_server Configure the backend server information host: Host

port: Port

heartbeat: Heartbeat Interval

buffer_mode: Buffering mode

report_mode: Report Mode

sack_enable: Server ACK
Device Information device_info Generic device information name: Device Name

protocol: Protocol Version
GSM Network Setup network_gsm Configure the GPRS/WCDMA/3G parameters in GSM networks apn: APN

password: APN Password

username: APN Username
Versions Information versions Device versions information fw_ver: Firmware Version

hw_ver: Hardware Version

mcu_ver: MCU Version