Xexun TK103-2

Xexun TK103-2 is a dual-SIM GPS tracker for cars, trunks, and heavy equipment security. The device features movement alert, shaking alert, overspeeding alert, SOS alert, low battery alert, engine started alert, power cutoff alert, shaking sensor alert, fortifying mode, geo-fencing, FOTA, 1200 mAh Li-ion battery, and more.

Title Name Description Properties
APN apn Access Point Name apn: APN
APN Password apn_pass APN Passord pass: APN Password
APN Username apn_user APN Username user: APN Username
Reset begin Reset the device to factory defaults
Device Information device_info Device Information phone: Phone Number
Restart restart Restart the device
Backend Server server Backend Server IP and port ip: IP Address

port: Port
Tracking Interval tracking Tracking interval setup unit: Time Unit

count: Number of Points

interval: Time Interval