Queclink GL200

The GL200 from Queclink is small GPS tracking device that has been designed for use with assets. Queclink has made the GL200 small and portable so that users can easily mount it to almost any piece of equipment. In addition, its waterproof enclosure ensures that the device is not damaged by atmospheric moisture or complete immersion. An internal backup battery ensures that assets can be tracked for long periods of time with the internal or external antenna.

Title Name Description Properties
Device Parameters config Configure global parameters of the device. led_mode: LEDs working mode

pwr_mode: Power saving mode

inf_report: Information report function

odo_enable: Odometer function enable

pin15_mode: Pin 15 mode

odo_init_mil: Initial mileage value for odometer

gps_lost_time: GPS lost time

inf_report_interval: Information report interval
Events events Configure events that will cause reporting a message to the backend server. ant_event: External GPS antenna status changed

bpl_event: Backup battery is low

btc_event: Backup battery started charging

igl_event: Send GPS position when ignition on/off

ign_event: Report ignition on/off events

mpf_event: Main power supply disconnected

mpn_event: Main power supply connected

pdp_event: Report GPRS connection established

pfa_event: Power off event

pna_event: Power on event

rtl_event: Report GPS position when power off

stc_event: Backup battery stopped charging

stt_event: Device motion state changed

ufs_event: UFSxxx fault code
GPRS Setup gprs_setup Configure the GPRS parameters and backend server information. apn: APN Name

host: Host

port: Port

buffer_mode: Buffering mode

report_mode: Report Mode

apn_password: APN Password

apn_username: APN Username
Device Password pass_device Device password, used to execute commands. password: Password
Report Composition report Configure the composition of report message and GPS information. alt_enable: Altitude

gsm_enable: GSM tower data

mil_enable: Mileage

dname_enable: Device name

speed_enable: Speed

stime_enable: Send time

course_enable: Course
Tow Alarm tow_alarm Tow Alarm Settings. rest_dur: Stillness timeout

output_id: Output ID

engine_off: Engine off timeout

motion_dur: Motion timeout

output_dur: Output toggle period

tow_enable: Tow alarm

motion_sens: Motion sensor sensibility

tow_timeout: Tow alarm timeout

tow_interval: Tow interval

output_status: Output status

output_toggles: Output toggle times
GPS Tracking Mode track_mode GPS Tracking Mode Setup. Configure conditions to generate tracking reports. mode: GPS tracking report mode

mileage: Send mileage

distance: Send distance

no_gps_report: Reporting without GPS

send_interval: Send interval
GPS Tracking Options track_option Set up additional GPS tracking options. corner: Corner value

ac100_set: AC100

fs_volume: Fuel volume in liters

fuel_sensor: Fuel sensor

igf_interval: Ignition Off send interval

fs_percentage: Fuel level in %
GPS Tracking Period track_period Set up time period when GPS tracking will be performed. By default, GPS tracking is performed 24h. enabled: Reporting period

stop_hr: Stop hour

start_hr: Start hour

stop_min: Stop min

start_min: Start min