Developer's quick start guide

How to start working with flespi API

There are 2 types of API

Recommended for
  • Singular operations:
    • Issue tokens

    • Provision a new device

    • Send command to a device

  • History data search
  • Find certain items
  •  Live new events consumption:
    • Device telemetry messages

    • Logs

    • Reports

    • Alerts

  • Build live dashboards
How to test

Interactive documentation

MQTT sandbox - MQTT Board

Hint in UI

-icon shows CURL to perform certain action

-icon opens MQTT sandbox with subscription for item’s data

AuthorizationFlespi Token in Authorization HTTP headerFlespi token in MQTT session username or password
Usage logsPlatform logsMQTT Sessions and Logs

Another options

  • Consume messages in PUSH mode using Streams

  • Set up automation based on events that adopt some conditions using Webhooks

  • View code samples on Github