How to ask questions in the flespi chat?

What details to provide to get comprehensive and useful answers fast.

Don’t start with just “Hi”

We are here not for small talk but for qualified and maximally fast assistance. Please put the detailed description of your problem in the first message right after your friendly “Hi” :)

The general requirement is to be as specific as possible — we suggest using the 3W approach:

  • Where — provide the id of the flespi entity (channel, device, stream, calc, etc.) you experience problems with. Respective screenshot will be highly appreciated. 

  • When — the time (timestamp or time range) when the problem or unexpected behavior occurred.

  • What — the detailed description of the desired outcome and what happens in reality.

Here are the details we need depending on the type of problem.

Questions about connecting the device

  • Channel host and port you are trying to connect to

  • Device model and ident (usually IMEI)

  • Warnings/errors from Toolbox (if any)

You may also follow our checklist on troubleshooting device connectivity issues.

Questions about parsing

  • Channel_id or device_id where errors occurred.
    Note: don’t confuse device_id with ident. Device_id is the device identifier within the flespi platform and can be found in the top left corner of the device card in the list view:

  • Text of the error message from Toolbox:

  • It may also be helpful to get the raw data from the message. Right-click on the message and pick View Traffic — this will show the hexadecimal representation of the message from the device.

    Then right-click anywhere on the hex data and select Copy as HEX option.

    And paste the result in the chat.

Questions about device settings/commands

  • Device model and ident (IMEI)

  • Command/setting you are sending

  • Warnings/errors from Toolbox (if any)

Questions about analytics/calculators/intervals

  • Calc_id and associated device_id

  • Desired behavior/logic

  • What goes wrong/doesn’t work.

Requests for new equipment integration

Read the detailed instructions here.

Good examples

  • ident = 123456789012345, I see raw messages with timestamp = 1623226003 in the Traffic viewer (HEX packet attached below) but don’t see respective messages in the channel with channel_id = 1234. No parsing errors in the logs. Why are messages not registered?

  • Device with ident = 987654321098765 is forwarding messages to the Wialon platform and to the flespi channel (channel_id=5555) simultaneously. On the Wialon platform we see the accurate track (see screenshot below) and on flespi we see missing messages (see the screenshot below). The gap in messages corresponds to the time range from May 30, 15:30 till May 30, 15:37. Could you please check what went wrong?


Read our blog post on becoming a better flespi client to understand our guiding principles and approach to business.

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