How to point a tracker to the flespi channel?

Configuring your device to send data to the flespi platform.

The first thing you need to do to start working with flespi is to configure your device to start sending data to the flespi channel.

  1. Take the tracker you want to connect. Find the name of the manufacturer — it usually corresponds to the name of the protocol used by the device. We’ll use it in the channel configuration. gps tracker manufacturer

  2. Open Navigate to Telematics hub -> Channels and click the green “+” button to add a new channel.
     create new flespi channel
    Give the channel a name and pick the protocol from the drop-down list (it should match the one used by your device). Save the config to create a channel. 

  3. Your new channel has a unique host:port. This is where your device should send data. flespi channel host port

  4. Open the device configuration tool provided by the manufacturer, find the Server settings setup and paste the host and port of your channel there. teltonika device configurator server settings
    Alternatively, you can send a respective command to the device via SMS. The format is usually given in the protocol specification.

  5. If everything is done correctly, messages from your device should start coming to the channel. You can check this on the Toolbox tab: flespi channel toolbox messages


The next steps may be:

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