Virtual instances representing your physical trackers in the flespi platform.

Create your first device with flespi

Quick facts

Devices in flespi are distinguished by a unique ident which most of the time corresponds to the tracker’s IMEI.
You can configure different models of trackers from a single friendly interface (or via the API). Bulk updates also supported.
Devices can store messages in flespi for up to 10 years.
flespi currently supports 900+ device types.
With the Commercial account, you can create up to 1,000 devices for the base fixed price of €100. Extra 100 devices will cost an additional €1.

Enabling a virtual device

In case of any issues, check our troubleshooting checklist

Watch how to create a device

Possible usage scenarios

Stream device messages to target platforms.

Augment collected device messages using plugins.

Calculate intervals meeting the user-defined custom logic.

Get a snapshot of the latest parameters state in telemetry.

Create your first device with flespi