Virtual instances representing your physical trackers in the flespi platform.

Create your first device with flespi

Quick facts

Devices in flespi are distinguished by a unique ident which most of the time corresponds to the tracker’s IMEI.

You can configure different models of trackers from a single friendly interface (or via the API). Bulk updates also supported.

Devices can store messages in flespi for up to 10 years.

flespi currently supports 900+ device types.

With the Commercial account, you can create up to 1,000 devices for the base fixed price of €100. Extra 100 devices will cost an additional €1.

Enabling a virtual device

  1. Log in with the flespi panel.

  2. Make sure you already have a channel for the proper protocol created in Telematics hub -> Channels.

  3. Go to Telematics hub in the left-side menu -> Devices -> click “+”.

  4. Pick the device type corresponding to your device; give it a name, specify the ident (IMEI), phone number (optional), and click Save.

  5. If your physical tracker is already pointed to the proper flespi channel, you should start receiving messages shortly. Use the Logs & Messages tab to check the real-time and historical log records and device messages.

    In case of any issues, check our troubleshooting checklist.

Watch how to create a device

Possible usage scenarios

Stream device messages to target platforms.

Augment collected device messages using plugins.

Calculate intervals meeting the user-defined custom logic.

Get a snapshot of the latest parameters state in telemetry.

Create your first device with flespi